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Founded in 2006, Wuxi Laien Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional high-tech enterprise specializing in the research, development, production and sales of green and environment-friendly PUR hot melt adhesive series products. It is a private science and technology enterprises in Jiangsu province, with special, accurate and new characteristics,. It is a large-scale enterprise with annual sales of over 100 million yuan.

With independent advanced intellectual property technology and mature production process, the company mainly produce green and environment-friendly PUR hot melt adhesive to substitute those international brands hot melt and customizes for customers.

General Manager: Mr.Zhang Lai


It takes green PUR hot melt adhesive as its own duty to replace solvent-based adhesive. Through more than 10 years of market development, it cultivates and guides the application of PUR hot melt adhesive in many industries, the company acts as the pioneer and leader in China's PUR hot melt adhesive market.

The products are widely used in sealing and bonding field in automobile industry such as (lamp, ceiling structure, interior decoration, car seat, car ceiling fabric composite, etc.), power battery and hydrogen energy battery sealing and bonding, Internet of Things label bonding, lithium battery aluminum-plastic film composite, pharmaceutical packaging composite, solar back panel composite, metal plate composite bonding (engine hood plate, ship metal plate, house-hood electric appliance color plate, food packaging cans, chemical packaging barrel, color steel plate, interior and exterior wall decorative plate, etc.), container sealing bonding, roller washing machine, wave wheel washing machine, dishwasher, disinfection cabinet, microwave oven, drink water machine top cover plate and door ring and toughened glass door panel sealing bonding, refrigerator and freezer door plate, ATM glass bonding, intelligent door lock panel bonding Touch screen switch panel bonding, induction stove panel, kitchen hood panel bonding, LED lamp sealing bonding,.

Floor and decorative board bonding (WPC floor composite, SPC floor composite, solid wood composite floor, glass magnesium composite wood veneer, anti-static floor, etc.), building decoration material composite bonding, mattress and sofa fabric bonding, microfiber leather bonding, textile fabric composite bonding, solid wood floor hot-melt primer, sports shoe soles and shoe materials bonding, profile co ver ing, book binding, buckle bonding, PET and PVC transparent box bonding, Base station receiving antenna bonding, indoor and outdoor building components and panel frames and door and window frames assembly bonding, air filter bonding, electric blanket composite bonding, sandwich plate composite bonding, honeycomb plate bonding, cable, optical fiber bonding, copier scraper blade bonding, mobile phone, notebook, digital product parts bonding, military police explosion-proof supplies bonding, wall cloth composite bonding, food flexible packaging composite, and so on.

Our company has good equipment, complete management system, professional technical personnel, and dedicated sales team. It is our duty to promote environmentally friendly, high-quality and low-cost PUR hot melt adhesives to more industries and serve more customers. It is our mission to change the environmental pollution of many adhesives and meet the needs of people's healthy life. The company pursues the business philosophy of "professional focus, people-oriented, technology first, innovation as the soul". Pursue the business purpose of "creating value for customers, creating benefits for enterprises, and creating wealth for society".

We are willing to work together with all partners to create a better future!

Anhui Laien Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2020 and is a technology-oriented enterprise engaged in the research, development, production, and sales of various adhesives, UV coatings, and polyester polyols. The products involve polyurethane systems (PUR hot melt adhesives, water-based polyurethane adhesives, two component solvent-free adhesives, etc.), hot melt pressure sensitive adhesives, polyolefin hot melt adhesives, UV adhesives and UV coatings, potting adhesives, etc.

Wuxi Laien Technology Co., Ltd. Production Plant

Company mission: To change the environmental pollution caused by numerous adhesives

and meet the needs of human's healthy life.


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