Laien Technology (Wuxi) Co.,Ltd. is a Hi-Tech enterprise, specialized in researching, developing, producing and sale moisture curing, reactive type poly urethane hot melt adhesive (PUR), The company also produces water base poly urethane (PU) and adhesives, and other type water base adhesives, polyester and EVA type hot melt adhesives.  Relying on foreign advanced technology and mature production process, co-operated with domestic research institutes, the company is engaged in developing environmental protection type adhesives.

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    Now, this product is widely applied for sealing and adhesion in automobile industry such as for car lights sealing, top, instrument sealing and interior decoration components sealing etc.; water washing machine top cover and disinfections cabinet top cover sealing; sports shoe sealing, PET and PVC etc transparent packing box sealing; book binding; textile fabric binding; high grade wood floor sealing, ABS binding, high grade RFP door and windows adhesion, 

  fishing tool adhesion, paper and plastic composition, electric heating carpet binding, out-door and indoor construction structure and door and windows flame binding and assembly,  roof or underground room or channel water resistance materials adhesion or sealing, heat transferring printing, furniture, filter and automatic packaging etc.    

  Equipped with first class equipment, with complete quality management system and professional technical engineers, good post service teams, the company is doing the best to promote these products to more and more industries. Better serving customers is our responsibility, changing environment polluted adhesives to satisfying human being’s health and life requirement is our duty.       

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    Company Business Philosophy: “ Taking talent people as basis; taking science and technology as priority, taking creation as soul, and pursing excellency” 

   Purse “ Create value for clients; create benefits for enterprise, create opportunity for staff, create fortune for the society” business target.

We would like to sincerely co-operate with all business friends to create bright future together.

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